Friday, August 10, 2007

Valuable Experiences

On this Wednesday, We went to Channel 9. I was impressed to see many rooms, for example editor’s room. The most impressive thing was that I had an opportunity to go inside the control room! I could see a director controlled music and images in real time! Everything was surprising for me!! I’m glad to be able to listen to how to control TV programs directly to the people who work there. After the live broadcast, we could take a picture with the announcer who read news a few minutes ago!! She was very kind and she took pictures with all of us one by one. I had a really good experience, and I never forget this memory. We had a dinner at Japanese food restaurant, Hanami, that night. I shared Yakiudon, Oyakodon, and California Roll with my friends and had Miso-soup. They were little different form the taste of real Japanes food. For example, Yakiudon tasted like Chinese food and Oyakodon was like Yakitori, but they were delicious. After the dinner, I ate ice-cream which include marshmallow, sweet cookies and chocolate. There are not that kind of taste so I was very happy to eat it, and it was delicious!!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Misato!
I've only seen the control room on TV, so I'm jealous of you being able to go inside the room! Hahaha~. ^^ I'm looking forward to looking at the pictures you took at the TV station!

Wow, you had the Japanese dishes for dinner? That sounds really yummy, and it definitely makes me want to have one! Also, making a comparison between the Japanese food that you can enjoy in Japan, and that of the US's is interesting, isn't it? Anyway, I'm glad to know that you had a nice dinner and awesome dessert!

Laura said...

The Smores ice cream was amazing!! I definitely want to go back to eat some more!!

Berta said...

Hi Misato,
Being in the control room really made an impression on you and I am glad to hear you will never forget this experience ... it was quite a unique one!
I was surprised to read about the food you tried and how certain dishes are not what they seem, especially Japanese dishes which are not prepared the way they are supposed to ... I wonder what Italians might say abouy American pizzas, Mexicans about Tacos or Spaniards about Paella ... I guess there are varieties for different tastes, don´t you think?
Keep on enjoying your visit.