Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wonderful College Park Aviation Museum

Yestarday, I am so excited because we went to aviation museum in college park. It is the oldest continuous airport all over the world! There were many airplane models in the museum, and a very nice guide explained about old airplanes to us kindly and clearly. The man became our hero! We could ride a old plane model and we also could wear jacket, scarf, goggle, and helmet which looks like a pilot wears!! And we took many photos wearing the pilot items! It was very interesting place to visit. I was glad to see the nine guide. He gave us pass cases and plane model craft. We bought space food ice-cream and arm band and so on for souvenirs! After that, we enjoy talking with eating dinner. I had a good time!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


We went to Annapolis by bus on Sataurday. The town was very beautiful. I like the town and I thought I want to live there some day! We enjoy shopping and I bought a sandal and souvenirs for my friends. After that, we had Bay Bridge Cruise. I like cruise, so I was very happy! At the head of the ship, I felt comfortable because the breeze was very cool!

Home Party at the Nina's house

I really enjoyed myself last Friday because Nina invited us to her very very nice house! We enjoyed talking and eat hamburgers which Nina’s husband made for us! The hamburger was very delicious!! I also enjoy playing animal game with Sophia, Dr. Marie, Shirley, and my friends. The game was interesting and exciting. At the night, we enjoyed karaoke with mentors!!! I had a very good time!! I want to go karaoke with every one again!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Valuable Experiences

On this Wednesday, We went to Channel 9. I was impressed to see many rooms, for example editor’s room. The most impressive thing was that I had an opportunity to go inside the control room! I could see a director controlled music and images in real time! Everything was surprising for me!! I’m glad to be able to listen to how to control TV programs directly to the people who work there. After the live broadcast, we could take a picture with the announcer who read news a few minutes ago!! She was very kind and she took pictures with all of us one by one. I had a really good experience, and I never forget this memory. We had a dinner at Japanese food restaurant, Hanami, that night. I shared Yakiudon, Oyakodon, and California Roll with my friends and had Miso-soup. They were little different form the taste of real Japanes food. For example, Yakiudon tasted like Chinese food and Oyakodon was like Yakitori, but they were delicious. After the dinner, I ate ice-cream which include marshmallow, sweet cookies and chocolate. There are not that kind of taste so I was very happy to eat it, and it was delicious!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!!

I had a very good time this weekend. Especially, I enjoy cruising to Georgetown and shopping. I really liked the town. It's very beautiful town, so I took many pictures. I ate ice-cream with waffle corn. I was surprised at the size of the corn because it’s very big! I bought a shirt for tennis and a ring. At the night, we had Kana(Y) and Fumiha’s birth day party at nice restaurant. It was really nice day!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Maryland

Hello, My name is Misato.

I'm from Aoyama Gakuin University.

I will stay here for about 2 weeks.

I want to learn many things and enjoy life in Maryland!