Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Party at the Nina's house

I really enjoyed myself last Friday because Nina invited us to her very very nice house! We enjoyed talking and eat hamburgers which Nina’s husband made for us! The hamburger was very delicious!! I also enjoy playing animal game with Sophia, Dr. Marie, Shirley, and my friends. The game was interesting and exciting. At the night, we enjoyed karaoke with mentors!!! I had a very good time!! I want to go karaoke with every one again!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Misato!
Visiting Nina's house for the cookout sounds really interesting, and was a nice opportunity for you to see what the American house was like. ^^ Also, reading about Karaoke definitely makes me want to fly there to join! Hahaha...

Nina Liakos said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cookout; we were happy to have you all come to our house, which had never seen so many people at one time before! Were the hamburgers better than MacDonald's? I hope so.

Dennis said...

Hello, Misato.

I'm sure you had a wonderful time at Nina-sensei's house. I think you're a fan of her husband's hamburgers! The games also sounded like fun.

I enjoyed looking at the photos taken at the cook-out.

I'm sure you also had a good time at the karaoke place! Karaoke is a lot of fun, isn't it?

I also enjoyed reading about your experiences at WUSA Channel 9. I think the visit to the control room was a special treat! I think you also enjoyed meeting JC Hayward. Maybe you'll like this article about her.

I'm glad you went to the Japanese restaurant on August 8th, but I'm not surprised that the food there wasn't exactly the same as in Japan. I've heard this same comment many times from students from many different countries! I've also made the same comment about American food prepared in other countries.

I've eaten yakiudon and California roll and like them both. I haven't had oyakodon, but in these Google Image pictures, it looks really good!

Your after-dinner ice cream sounds good, but I would have eaten green tea ice cream with red bean sauce!

Best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix